Henna Tattoo

For over 5,000 years, the people of Africa, Middle East and India have practiced the beautiful and mysterious art of paining on the body with preparations using the henna plant.  This art form is also referred to as mehndi.


Henna powder comes from the dried leaves and roots of the Lawsonia Inermis plant that is rich in hepatic acid.  When made into a paste and applied to the skin the dye from the henna simply absorbs into the skin.  When your skin naturally exfoliates, the design fades away.

Here at Sun and Starsouls, “ Mystics of the Seven Veils”, the henna body artists use only the purest form of natural henna available, which, results in darker, richer designs. there is absolutely no pd (p-phenylenediamine) or silver nitrate in our henna. Our Artists are established at our location within Universal Studio's theme park in Orlando, Florida.


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