Ever-since I was a child I always cared about people and their well-being.
This was especially true with my loved ones and close friends.

At one point in my life I asked myself, "How can I further these feelings of caring and healing that I have for others without a college degree?"

Oh, boy did the answer come in flying colors! 

At the time, I was helping a friend of mine with his living circumstance. (Psychic friend).

I came to realize that he came into my life to teach me my gift.

The gift of psyche. 

He introduced me to Oracle (Faery) and eventually over time I learned Tarot too. 

I started to learn about crystals at the same time I learned Faery.

Through my Oracle and Tarot Readings I am accurately able to offer Guidance and Support to my querents.

Through every Card Reading I am not just healing a querent, but I also healing myself. ❤

Ode to God, Jesus, my Guardian Angel Grandpa Mel in Heaven and each being beyond 3D that has aided my gifts in manifesting.

*Shout-out to my family! I love you! ❤